We needed an idea for a last-minute activity this week, and there were some great General Conference ideas around the web that I put together for our Young Women. I was inspired by A Bushel and a Peck’s General Conference Kit, and made my own that included the following:

Writing Packet & Pen: to take notes and write impressions during Conference
Twizzlers: practice your knots with a yummy treat while listening how “knot” to get lost in life.
Popcorn: Faith is like a kernel of corn – it can grow by paying the proper attention
Lip balm: the words of the Savior are a balm to the soul
Tissues: for when the Spirit touches your heart, and you may get a little teary
Hot Cocoa Mug: General Conference and cocoa warm you inside out
Pop-tarts: If you feel a little drowsy, “POP” up and have a good stretch
Candy Hearts: Know that God loves you and has a message for you to hear
Pipe Cleaners: Make a blossom ring while your faith blossoms from hearing the Lord’s servants

This kit is the prize for whoever gets the most answers right in this General Conference trivia game.

As consolation prizes, I made these little flower pens with my trusty hot glue gun, to encourage the girls to take notes during conference this weekend. I’m tempted to make another batch for myself to enjoy the pretty spring feel of them, while we are still deep in snow here in Michigan!


Wouldn’t it be great to find our individual purposes in life on a map, complete with minute descriptions of landmarks and rest stops along the way? We may not have a map per se, but our loving Father in Heaven has given us several ways to know His will concerning our life and what He would have us do to be happy and return to live in His presence. I copied a screen shot of a google map (of which the destination happens to be our nearest temple)- and added my own directions (as found in the lesson) on how to find “God’s will for my life”. I also added the thought questions, and the final quote that is printed on a tag and fixed on with a grommet.

You should be able to click on the image above and print, if you’d like to use for your own lesson in Young Women, or as a Family Home Evening Lesson.