To begin this lesson on sacrifice and consecration, I am going to bring out this pretty bag with a treat inside for every girl but one, saying, “Oh no – I seem to be missing one treat – would one of you be willing to give up yours to someone else?” We will then get settled into the lesson, and after defining sacrifice, (giving up something of value for something that is worth more.) I will pull out the big bunny and give it to the girl who sacrificed the small treat, and make the connection between the wordly things we give up in  life in exchange for the greater blessings Heavenly Father has in store for us. (I originally read this idea somewhere on Sugardoodle!)

As we proceed with the lesson, I will give the girls this worksheet that we will read from and fill in personal responses. The quote is by a talk from Elder Maxwell, and the 5 elements of a consecrated life come from Elder Christofferson. You can download my worksheet here (which I was inspired by here.)