Last week we taught YW Manual 3 Lesson 39, Recognizing our Individual Worth. There are a lot of stories in this lesson, and not a lot of ideas for interaction. I wanted to find a way to introduce the lesson visually, and to keep my girls involved throughout all the lesson points. In preparing for this lesson I was drawn to the Personal Progress Book in Individual Worth, Experience 3:

Read Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 and 121:45. Do all you can to build others and make them feel of worth. Every day for two weeks notice the worthwhile qualities and attributes of others. Acknowledge them verbally or in writing. In your journal write what you have learned about the worth of individuals and how your own confidence grows when you build others.

I thought about how our confidence grows when we build others. I was going to use some blocks to build up the points of the lesson, but then remembered I had some unpainted wooden dolls found at the dollar store. I painted one doll with a red shirt (because the color for Individual Worth is RED), and then printed the points of my lesson on strips of paper which I adhered to the remaining unpainted bases in my doll package.

After introducing each point I asked a young woman to place the base underneath the doll. I started talking about how we are all daughters of God, and printed a copy of this quote from Elder Holland to give to everyone:

First of all, I want you to be proud you are a woman. I want you to feel the reality of what that means, to know who you truly are. You are literally a spirit daughter of heavenly parents with a divine nature and an eternal destiny. 1 That surpassing truth should be fixed deep in your soul and be fundamental to every decision you make as you grow into mature womanhood. There could never be a greater authentication of your dignity, your worth, your privileges, and your promise. Your Father in Heaven knows your name and knows your circumstance. He hears your prayers. He knows your hopes and dreams, including your fears and frustrations. And He knows what you can become through faith in Him. Because of this divine heritage you, along with all of your spiritual sisters and brothers, have full equality in His sight and are empowered through obedience to become a rightful heir in His eternal kingdom, an “[heir] of God, and joint-[heir] with Christ.” 2 Seek to comprehend the significance of these doctrines. Everything Christ taught He taught to women as well as men. Indeed, in the restored light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a woman, including a young woman, occupies a majesty all her own in the divine design of the Creator. You are, as Elder James E. Talmage once phrased it, “a sanctified investiture which none shall dare profane.”

We continued with the lesson, building our doll’s Individual Worth, with each point of the lesson which were:

Daughter of God

Build Others – when we build others we build ourselves

Everybody’s a Somebody – “In the Kingdom of God, no man is ‘nobody'” – Elder Ashton

Unique Mission – “Your Life Has a Purpose” – Elder Peterson

Ordinary Extraordinary – Story of George A. Smith

Ether 12:27 – Our weaknesses can be turned to strengths

Savior’s Atonement – The Savior atoned for each of us because he loves us

I had one more handout which I couldn’t resist because it was so much fun. Found here, it is a compliment poster – which supported the challenge to build others by sharing sincere compliments.